I googled ‘swimming pigeon’ once and I still haven’t recovered from this picture



      Sews her a cute frilly dress and leaves it in pretty packaging where it can be easily found, before quietly slipping out.



      *had just started out for her ritual nighttime walk when the glimmer of neon ribbon was caught by the moonlight*

      *looks left*

      *then right*

      *sits down flat on the ground and sets it gingerly in her lap and proceeds to open it*

      *gasps and pulls the delicate fabric close to her person as she stands*

      "Ahn! Arigatou!! … If you’re still in earshot that is!  It’s beautiful!!"

      *rushes inside to try it on!*


kiss challenge samcas + 14 for anon (○ノω \○)many thanks to my more savvy friends for ruining their search history for me. 


      kiss challenge samcas + 14 for anon (○ノω \○)many thanks to my more savvy friends for ruining their search history for me. 


        i hope u find someone that mindlessly plays with your hands and lightly strokes your legs and massages your back and plays with your hair and i hope that u feel like you’re home when u look at them

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            These are based on the beautiful botanical tattoos of Kirsten Holliday (kirstenmakestattoos).

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                • 10 PM: *super in depth honest heart to heart conversation*
                • 12 AM: *super in depth honest heart to heart conversation ends*
                • 12 05 AM: *conversation change to important matters of Misha Collins' nudity and streaking habits, his penis, and his hips*

                A fool’s game// (Dark!Muse AU)


                Taomasa changed from his smaller cat form to his anthropomorphic form as he stood up in a plume of black flame. “Well. From where I come from, there are several versions of, pretty. In a since, to give some perspective, I am the son of Death. My view on what is ‘pretty’, is some what. Different.” 

                He then caught himself before he laughed. “Though. Even if something isn’t meant to please an audience, or have an audience for it to begin with. Idol words with no ears to listen are somewhat, worthless. As for the fee, I don’t much care if I had to pay. I’m fine with it.”

                He began reaching into one of the pockets on his cargo pants, but paused and held up a finger with his other hand. “Oh, and if you call anything I do, childish, again. I’ll rip one of your arms off. Fair warning.” He then resumed pulling a bag out of the pocket and opening it. “How much?” 

                     ”I’m sorry, would you like a gold medal for that?” she sneered, “or maybe a high-chair to go on top of your little golden pedestal…?”  People who were so full of themselves that they felt the need to fan their high and mighty titles about in simple matters of even simpler (and unwanted) conversation made her sick to her stomach.  It was a sign of weakness, and already the girl lost the interest to even entertain herself with picking at such a pathetic plaything.

                     Yet she found herself offering a response— albeit a short one.  ”Worthless?”  The corner of her mouth quirked up into a malicious grin.  ”My words were not idol.  My own ears heard as they work perfectly fine.  However, words become worthless when they are spoken and are only thieved by eavesdroppers who only take to listening for stolen entertainment and their petty ideal of ‘pretty’.”

                     As for his latter threat, Kyumei paid no mind.  This thing and its words weren’t worth her time or patience.  Turning on her heel, she rounded and aimlessly moved elsewhere, ignoring whatever trivial item the fool thought he could pay her with.

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                  No Good Deed Goes Unpunished // eldirexto

                       Thievery was something that Kyumei rarely resorted to and was an action often saved for the more brutal months of winter where food and warmth were at their scarcest, but after having gone hungry for several days now with no luck in terms of hunting or foraging for food despite it being late summer the street rat found herself resorting to more desperate measures…

                       She didn’t enjoy taking what wasn’t rightfully hers, but she’d have to save beating herself up over it when she didn’t have an angry bread vendor riding her tail swinging some blunt object over his head at her direction. She assumed it was a weapon of some sort? she didn’t know as she didn’t have enough time to get a good look at it before she had to start running…

                       Kyumei found herself wishing she had faster feet, as it was hard to maneuver with an armfull of baked goods— which quickly became apparent as she skidded around a corner and directly into what felt like nothing short of a wall that had been moving towards her in the opposite direction around the corner.

                       Whatever she hit didn’t budge, but the girl careened to the side and hit the ground with a heavy thud, food spilling out across the ground around her and the feet of whomever she’d just barreled into. Quickly, the redhead pulled herself to her knees, bracing her torso off of the ground with her hands before tilting her head up towards a rather tall figure whose attention was fully on her now, and considering she just collided into his physique at full speed she couldn’t really blame him if he were angry…

                       The girl managed to throw him what could be excused as a look of desperation (that she wasn’t sure he could see behind the hair that blocked his eyes from her view) before her pursuer closed enough distance between them to make her scramble to her feet, gathering what little damaged remains of crushed food she could take into her arms before taking off once more, dodging the furious insults that chased her.

                  'damned rat'
                  'stop her'

                       She was sure that she was about to have two pursuers after her now— and was much less sure she’d be able to escape both of them…



                                                      “So lay me to rest in holy waters

                    Let this blood rinse clean from my skin

                      and the impurities from my hands

                                  Find my sins on a downstream shore

                                                   Bury them in the sands

                                                       Lay me to rest in holy waters

                    and sing to me my requiem

                    before, forgotten, I wash away.”


                    Sat sat listening. He nodded a bit and clapped his paws as he sat up on his hind legs. “That was pretty.” 


                    "It wasn’t intended to be something that was meant to please any sort of audience."

                    Her voice was sharp and her lips hardly moved as she spoke.

                    Turning her head towards the stranger, Kyumei tilted her head and grinned icily.

                    "Had it been meant for such ignorant purposes I would have demanded a fee from you. Entertainment does not come free and—" she paused to shake her head, letting out a quiet ‘tsk tsk’ past her teeth, "I’m afraid that a childish clapping just won’t suffice for that."



                                   He’s swimming a vast pool of darkness, the outside world
                                   having no meaning to him in that moment… it’s all a blur,
                                   as if someone had placed a thick sheet of frosted glass
                                   over his face, and he couldn’t see beyond it. A voice the,
                                   faint and so very far away, only briefly penetrates the emptiness,
                                   before it’s once again desolate. The pain is ignorable ——
                                   having been so far out of it at this point, it’s barely a dull
                                   throbbing now.

                                            ❝ My ab—— ah… abdo——men … ❞

                                   Stuttering, he attempts to tell whomever is with him, where his
                                   most severe pain had been, before he collapsed. Where he
                                   could remember, distantly, seeing the most blood. But he isn’t
                                   certain if actually spoke aloud, or if that was in his head —— most
                                   of it was breathy gasps of desperate inhales because he couldn’t
                                   seem to suck in enough air for his pathetically empty lungs.

                           The wounded male’s words were difficult to discern and she had to reiterate them to herself a few times before she was able to put together at least what she hoped he was trying to say… and part of her honestly hoped that she had been wrong in her conclusion.

                           It would be far too risky to simply up and move him— especially if the bleeding that covered his lower torso with blood had anything to do with a stomach wound. This was an inconvenience considering they were practically on the side of a road and the poor guy was lucky he hadn’t been hit yet… She had to move fast.

                           ”Alright, alright, I’m gonna try to see if I can stop the bleeding, kay?” Her voice didn’t even tremor.

                           Her knees met the ground and her arms extended to gently tug at his shirt in one fluid movement. The girl allowed herself a small chuckle in hopes to lighten the mood even infinitesimally. “Please don’t take this the wrong way, nah~?” It was a playful jab. She had to keep the other talking, even if he was too far out of reality to even register his dire situation any longer it was enough to draw any sort of conversation or response from him. He just needed to stay awake…

                           ’Stay with me here, buddy’

                           A truck suddenly rushed past them from behind, and the girl half hunched over the fallen man as though to keep the gust of wind from buffeting him. “You picked a nasty place to go and take a nap didn’t you?” she said with another laugh after it passed and before pulling his shirt down far enough to observe the wound.


                        "And so what if I desire that?" the espada commented. His thumb lightly rubbed up and down against Kyumei’s cheek. "I am not too cold for you…?" he asked. He knew the difference between their body temperatures were complete opposites. 

                        "Then you should ask for it outright~!" she continued to tease, again with her usual laugh.  Again she shook her head before ducking it down against his chest.  "Mm-mm.  It feels nice.  Nice and cool— like the cool side of a pillow!"  This exclamation was quickly followed by an elated little wiggle against his skin as she grinned up at him.

                          Crossing Paths // straifuu


                          {{ ♔ }} :: Thoughts and memories were put on hold that day, the good weather and lack of deliveries being reason enough for him to spend some time on his own. Heaven knows, he was in dire need of some relaxation. It was only natural that he sought that as far from civilization as possible, riding Fenrir until he was content enough to start walking. The hum of the engine had been the perfect way to calm his nerves, and the warm breeze blowing past him was an added bonus. He wasn’t sure where he was headed, but that wouldn’t have been a first. He’d go where the streets took him.

                           When he stopped, the sun had set. Stars glistened overhead; some a little brighter than the rest. He wasn’t aware of how far he’d come, but it didn’t matter. His senses were able to roam free; lungs filling with air that he could taste the freshness of. His surroundings were pure. Cleansing, almost, and he let his head tilt backwards to indulge. While no-one seemed to understand his love for silence, he put it down to words being greatly lacking when circumstances demanded them most. When alone, he didn’t have to use them.

                          But he wasn’t alone, was he? He should have known better than to think that. The silence was hardly disturbed despite this, and he wouldn’t have become aware of the girl’s presence were he not to have caught a glimpse of her out the corner of his eye. His response was immediate. His head lowered to its original state and he eyed her rather doubtfully. What was someone doing this far out? He didn’t quite know. He didn’t have the right to ask, either, what with him having traveled for no particular reason himself. A small nod was offered in acknowledgment. “Lovely night.”

                               His acknowledgement didn’t seem anything relative to hostility at least….

                          rather, it seemed surprisingly neutral— though the questioning look in his eyes did not go unnoticed. Despite this, however, it didn’t seem like the young man was out to start a fight upon their paths crossing, so Kyumei tentatively allowed herself to go along with this for now. Why pass up the chance at a pleasant conversation anyways?

                          This decided, the girl returned his nod with an even smaller one of her own.

                          "It’s good feeling to sometimes see that the lonely nights, as pretty as they are, are still appreciated by a few who take the time to wander in them."

                          A careful smile played on her lips as she spoke— a compliment to both the night’s warmth as well as the stranger that stood not far from her.

                          There was something about encountering another wanderer at night that was comforting. Daylight was strange as it seemed to create a sort of guise over peoples’ true natures. But when night fell? those veils, those masks, were lifted. Something about the darkness, or maybe the crisp air, or maybe even unseen powers from the world around them or the moon itself (but that was a little silly to think about wasn’t it?) so subtly pulled people to their surfaces and there was no need to hunt through lies and words to find the truth.

                          Nighttime brought such lovely neutral grounds to play on, and it was the time that this little street rat was most welcoming, so why not start off this conversation like so just to see where it would go?

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                            Being brave means that knowing when you fail, you won’t fail forever.

                             Lana Del Rey (via adicere)