• "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down! You don't want to get even more hurt, do you?"
  • "Tell me where it hurts."
  • "Whoa, that's purple... It looks like your shoulder is dislocated."
  • "Oh my god. Are you okay?"
  • "You're bleeding... You're bleeding bad..."
  • "This is gonna hurt..."
  • "Holy crap! I may not know much about human anatomy, but legs don't bend that way!"
  • "It's all swollen up..."
  • "You have a black eye. Where you fighting with someone?"
  • "Okay... Okay, hospital. Hospital, now."
  • "I think you have a concussion."
  • "Calm down! Calm down! Your ankle is sprained, okay?"
  • "Here, lean on me."
  • "I'm gonna need more bandaids..."
  • "What the hell happened to you!?"
  • "Here, I need to clean you up. This might sting a bit..."
  • "We need to get the bullet out..."
  • "Oh my god, you've been shot!"
  • "Did... did you get beat up!?"
  • "Just hold on. You're gonna be fine..."
  • "Look out for that car!"
  • "Wake up! Oh god, please wake up!"
  • "You're alive! Oh, thank god!"
  • "I'm no doctor, but you should have that looked at. It's bleeding a lot..."
  • "What is that? Are there bandages under your shirt?"
  • "Why is your arm wrapped up like that? And are those blood stains!?"
  • "You must have hit the back of your head really hard."
  • "Look at me. Just look at me and stay awake. Can you do that?"


Emotional support bunnies

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    How to (not) protect you and your beloved from the rain with your school blazer.

      Tell my muse things s/he doesn’t want to hear.

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        No Good Deed Goes Unpunished // eldirexto



        Sado had had work this afternoon, but his normal shift had finished up earlier. So while he had the time, he was making a quick trip to the grocery store for the week. It was something he forgot to do most of the time, and that ended up in him just buying something on the way to or from school. But today, he had time.

        He had already done his shopping. Enough food to last him for the week so that he wouldn’t have to go back until absolutely necessary. While he was walking, he felt something brush against him. Or, he thought it brushed against him, but as he turned, he realized that this poor girl had run into him and ended up falling over.

        "I’m so s-" Sado was cut off by screaming coming from behind him. The girl stood, and took off running, picking up what she could from the armful she had dropped. Almost as if instinct had taken over, he knew that he needed to protect her. Sado couldn’t explain why he had such an intense need to make sure she was ok, but he was going to follow through with it.


        As the man got closer to him, he took his eyes off of the girl, turning to face him. It was clear he was unhappy, but he was twice her size and running at her carrying something that was clearly meant to hurt her. Sado turned, standing in front of him, placing his grocery bags at his feet as he crossed his arms across his broad chest.

        "Hey!" He called out, making sure the man knew who he was talking to. "Is there a problem?" Upon hearing what had happened, Sado pulled out his wallet, paying for what the girl had taken. “Do not. Ever. Threaten someone like that again. Do you understand me?” He was channeling his younger days. The days his abuelo had thankfully scared him away from. He was no longer this person. Or..he wasn’t until there was someone in trouble.

        As the store owner ran away, checking over his shoulder to make sure he wasn’t being followed. Sado picked up his bags, following where the young girl had gone. When he saw her, he stopped a few feet away, so he didn’t frighten her. "Miss?" He questioned, only moving closer once he had her attention. "I..heard a bit about what happened and I’m sorry he came after you like that."

        Sado was beginning to realize that he wasn’t very good at these kind of things. "These are for you." He set the grocery bags down beside her, taking a step back again, the last thing he wanted was to make her feel threatened. "And.." He started, taking a piece of paper out of his back pocket, finding a pen from school there as well. He wrote his address on it and handed it to her. "If you ever need anything, a place to stay..someone to protect you from shop owners?" He smiled, trying to pull one from her as well. "You can find me there. I’ll help in any way I can.

             Odd, she found it at first, how the male had followed her alone. Had he warded off her pursuer? and if so, then why? Regardless, curiosity wasn’t worth the answer as of right now— seeing as she was cornered between a dead-end alley-way and a rather intimidating looking male; she knew better than to trust a kind voice.

             His approach was tentative— careful and slow. But still, even the most careful of an approach towards a feral cornered animal was a mistake and as he spoke she flinched. The sweet ring in his voice raised every red flag in Kyumei’s mind that she had and the alarms went wild when he actually reached for her.

             She jerked back, away from the parchment, wild eyes akin to some bush-dwelling animal’s stared unblinkingly up at him. A painfully quiet, and awkward, silence ensued, broken only by the distant thunder that bellowed a few miles off.

             Kyumei declined, shaking her head silently before taking another step back and nearly tripping over a piece of concrete walling that had fallen from the old buildings that loomed over them from either side. Thinking quickly, and acting just as fast, she scooped the large block into her hand and threw it, aiming far over her head where it clanged into an overhanging fire escape, successfully knocking loose the conjoining ladder. It only fell loose by a few feet, but that was enough.

             Sights now set on escape, Kyumei moved fast— turning and leaping onto the dumpster to her left before vaulting off of it and onto the hanging ladder, catching one of the rungs in both hands before flipping herself backwards onto the flat level of the escape, staring at him through the bars now as though to make sense of what he might try to do next.

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          In vivid detail. If I am too embarrassed you win.


            Ask me about my OCs ► Character Flaws!


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            1. What is one thing others might find intolerable about them?
            2. Do they have any annoying quirks? If so, what are they?
            3. Name one or more of their bad habits.
            4. Any addictions? (Food, sex, drugs/alcohol, shopping, power/control, etc.)
            5. What is one thing they do that can negatively affect their relationship with friends?
            6. Their romantic relationships?
            7. What is the biggest mistake they’ve ever made?
            8. What mistake(s) do they continue to make/have not learned from?
            9. Name some of their major physical shortcomings.
            10. Some of their emotional shortcomings?
            11. What are their intellectual shortcomings?
            12. At least one thing that they tend to overreact to.
            13. In what ways might they be overly negative and/or pessimistic?
            14. Is there anything they are too optimistic about?
            15. How might they be ignorant or prejudiced?
            16. Do they have any behaviors and/or beliefs that cannot be adequately justified?
            17. When would they be too judgmental of someone or something?
            18. Are they ever a pushover about something? If so, how?
            19. Is there anything they refuse to budge on? What are they stubborn about?
            20. What is a self-inflicted misery of theirs? (i.e. something they perpetuate themselves)

                (jumps in where I shouldn't be) Confess! your true feelings on twinkies and why you try to steal the trucks.

                ((Shhh bb, you belong everywhere eue  And Kyu knows you and I love it when you pester her soyeahyoushoulddoitmore <3))

                "Ah?  Well, apart from them being a favored snack of mine, in a post-apocalyptic world," she may or may not be a closet ‘doomsday’ prepper, "they would be an easy food source to carry about as they’re light and rather small…and yet so filling… On top of that, I don’t think an apocolypse would curb a sweet tooth, nah~?”

                Now for the second half of the question…

                "And the trucks…?"  It took her a moment to formulate a proper filling response.

                Then her face clicked with a smile.

                "Who wouldn’t wanna be running around the end of the world with a twinkie truck full of twinkies???"  Although it went unsaid, the young redhead’s imagination was favoring the thought of running over zombies in an oversized snack truck, because wouldn’t that just be fun… for lack of a better word.

                unsatisfied uryu fan noises.

                  • • Sleep: My character needs to stay at your character's house for the night, or vise versa. Specify. (you can add any other special things that could happen!)
                  • • Drink: My character will call, text, or show up at your character's house drunk. Specify which of the three.
                  • • Save: My character will save yours in a crisis, or vise versa. Specify.
                  • • Heal: My character will tend to your character's wounds, or be at their side when they're sick.
                  • • Confess: My character will speak their true feelings about your character. (or about a topic. you may choose.)
                  • • Death: My character's reaction to your character dying.
                  • • Time: My character is running late! They are supposed to meet your character at ___________ (fill in the blank) or vise versa. Specify.
                  • • Protect: My character keeps yours safe from harm.
                  • • Kiss: My character kisses yours, or vise versa. Specify.
                  • • Dream: My character wakes up in the middle of the night because of a dream with your character in it.
                  • • Run!: My character is chasing your character (or vise versa) OR both characters are being chased by ___________ (fill in the blank).
                  • • Sky: Our characters are stargazing.
                  • • Help: My character requests help from your character (be something silly or serious, you may decide.)
                  • • Gift: My character gives your character something special. Or vise versa. Specify.

I was a little mad yesterday when someone implied all I do is draw 100 pictures of Cas but you know?? 

You are mistaken.
That is ten.
Many ten.


                  I was a little mad yesterday when someone implied all I do is draw 100 pictures of Cas but you know?? 

                  You are mistaken.

                  That is ten.

                  Many ten.


                      That moment when someone tries to break into your house and they fail so hard that they break the lock.

                      Haha suckers didnt know our lock sticks. We know how to work with it but /you/ obviously do not.

                      It is literally just popped out. Like the key insert is pulled out of the door.



                        I googled ‘swimming pigeon’ once and I still haven’t recovered from this picture



                            Sews her a cute frilly dress and leaves it in pretty packaging where it can be easily found, before quietly slipping out.



                            *had just started out for her ritual nighttime walk when the glimmer of neon ribbon was caught by the moonlight*

                            *looks left*

                            *then right*

                            *sits down flat on the ground and sets it gingerly in her lap and proceeds to open it*

                            *gasps and pulls the delicate fabric close to her person as she stands*

                            "Ahn! Arigatou!! … If you’re still in earshot that is!  It’s beautiful!!"

                            *rushes inside to try it on!*